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Kailash mansarovar Yatra

Speed towards Kailash sarovar join is because from child god , fromself god , from heart god shiv, from human way to and from person vibhuti always heaven and from soul to god means kailash sarovar tour.

Friends , India is a country of travelling place Kailash mansarovar is lead office travel and one of the uncountable piligrimaze place. All other piligrimaze places are its branch office. One becomes thankful to life by seeing mansarovar temples where real shiv image is spread on Kailash mountain and 300km of oldest Kailash temple one time if you do Kailash darshan and take bath in mansarovar then in life desirable what is left. Main importantis for human being to be in dis field. If god is willing then only this trip is possible because with all the facilities this travel is a challenge. The main requirments for this travel are body , heart & health fitness.

In universe mansarovar is the center of attraction and India’s ancient prestige history. House of mahadev and Himalaya means Shivalay and Kailash means God shiv’s house. This whole area is connected to the superior mahadev. The travel to Kailash and seeing mountains beauty and Mansarovar purity and Gaurikund’s uniquness makes travellers astrouned. By taking bath in mansarovar medical and pure water body’s all diseases are cured and along with it But this journey is tough. This is true government travel is today also tough and odd because government travel has strict rules, strict medical check up,travellers choice, food arrangement and 35 days duration and 250k.m by walking.

But now you are free from all these troubles. For this feeling & universe travel you make tough descisions . We from shivkrupa want to make this goal true because private tour is of only 14days and can be done in the expense what to spend in government tour without medical test, doctor or government regulations. From 12years to 65years people easily can do dis to and there is proper arrangment of staying and eating. In travel one kilometer also you don’t have to walk. Like government tour only you have to do pradakshina of kailash mountain and mansarovar. In addition to this in private tour along with nepal sight seen, pasupatinath temple darshan’s many advantages can also get to travellers.

We are lucky that we are born in India in widespread India there are many temples, if we travel to temples whole life they will still be not over. Kakasaheb in connection to tour has said very nice thing. The person who walks with legs is picnic , If walks in group in society and by heart is travel. That is why in hindu religion. In this also like earth’s center of attraction kailash mansarovar tour in true meaning is performance, SADHANA or ASCETICISM! Because this himalaya tour cant deal in “3 night 4 days” package. During travel your biggest wealth is not your pocket cash, credit card, travellers cheque or bank balance. The biggest wealth is love and trust on god shiva. How much on high post you are or higher officer of any field, your alla powers and authority, just keep your all weapons down and ego, be simple & honest & say continuously OM NAMAH SHIVAYA :  if  you will travel without any type of fight or arguments or complain then you will see god shiva.

Fast city life, city full of pollution & pollution who leaves and joins this exceptional travel is very lucky, because going to Singapore, Malasiya or America is not great thing, this five star travel will never give new twist. Tours or travells can be tough. this type of tour is only known as tour. Kailash mansarovar tour is.

Most important work……… travel agent choice……….

For kailash mansarovar without experience many travel agents have come up like cats (mushroom head).But this is the only tour where only trustable & devotional & expierenced  agent are required.  Because as per climate, government rules of china can trouble travellers. That is why choosing of travell agent is very important. Only in buisness time tour is arranged. Those who don’t have experience in this field, those agent only take commision & handover to another agent. Sometimes travel director send their salarized manager or sometimes travel agent  live with you in five star hotel & till kathmandu they came in aeroplane and from kathmandu handover you  to any travel agency & return in aeroplane.

In name of religious tour they fool travellers, booking in less price, during tour again & again give example of maoney , this type of travel diriectors frightn travellers…be aware from this type of travel directors. That’s why only by saving travellers from all this problems, to tought travellers true meaning of religious, this tour is organised only 1 time in 1 year. This tour is oganized by trust. Organizers r with you from starting only.  Not only in the starting they stay with you in whole tour, personal care is taken by them of travellers. This tour is organized for specially saurastra-kuccha travellers. “Trust them who take care of yourself & your trust also”, trusty of this tour has 15 years experience. We will take care of you & your trust also.

DR.Yashvant. k. goswami

Mang. Trusty : shivvandana charitable trust- Rajkot

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